A Craftsman’s Guide to Design

Ex-contractor and furniture worker Todd Clippinger provides excellent tips for designing and being inspired.

  1. Expose Yourself to More Designs and Ideas
    1. Understanding Space and Dimensions
    2. Getting a sense of Volume
    3. Art Galleries and Museums
  2. Make Connections with Other Artists
    1. Tendency to gravitate towards like minded people
  3. Keep a Record of your Design and Ideas
    1. Pictures
    2. Sketches
  4. See with a Creative Eye
    1. Capturing an essence
    2. Gaining an Impression

Notice that the principles remain the same even for contractor work. Nudge design behaves no differently. I was tasked to expose myself to various photographs to discover inspiration for my logo, and record any influential portion of the design process into a PowerPoint presentation.

So remember, if you’re ever stuck in finding inspiration for your design, stick to the foundations!

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