HUvZ: Advertising with Videos!

So I’ve been responsible for creating multiple advertisements ever since I became involved with Hofstra University’s largest social club, Hofstra (University) versus Zombies, otherwise known as HUvZ. Throughout my sophomore year, I’ve created posters, flyers, t-shirt designs, and many others. As I went into my junior year, I realized that I wanted to create something cool, epic, and exciting for the incoming freshman coming into Hofstra University.

With that came the accumulation of 17 short advertisements along with a short film. You can actually view how far I’ve improved throughout the year. My personal favorite has to be the Spring 2015 work I did. All edits were made with Sony Vegas Pro 11.0. If anything else, I hope you enjoy the work I put contributed on the table during my time in HUvZ!

**There are more videos in previous years, but those are definitely not my best pieces of work, feel free to watch, but you have been warned!

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