Art Commissions Open! (As of 6/22/17)

So thanks to a plethora of supportive people who have encouraged me to continue growing my skills as an artist, I am humbled to announce that I’m opening up art commissions for the first time ever! While I’m obviously nervous, I’m ecstatic to see how my skills will grow from this experience.

So without further ado, here’s a gist on how to contact me! Check out detailed information on my Art Commissions page!

Sunban1521’s Commission Info!

Status: Open!!!!!

General Info:

  • I am currently not accepting traditional art commissions at this time. Thank you for understanding!
  • I tend to stream my commissions. Please notify me in advance if you do not want me to stream your commission
  • I’m allowed to use the finished artwork in my portfolio and to upload it to my own social media handles
  • What I usually draw: People, OC, Action poses, character art, cartoon art
  • What I won’t draw: NSFW, controversial themes (gore, political, fetishes), complex backgrounds
  • If you’re not sure, ask! I’m willing to try out new styles if needed! Keep in mind, however, it will likely take longer and be more expensive
  • I will have expected you to read my  ToS Commission Info before contacting me
  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission for any reason

How to Commission Me:

  • Please e-mail  me the following information:
    • Title: “Art Commission: Your Name
    • Type of commission
    • References!!! (Please provide pictures and/or describe your commission as detailed as possible; include a rough description of the motif you want or reference pictures for that as well. If you have no specific request, I’ll gladly come up with something for you!)
    • Purpose of final picture (i.e. banner, poster, button pins, profile pictures, etc)
    • Your Paypal e-mail and social media handles (This allows me to link back to you when I post the commission online)


Commission Pricing HD.jpg

Important Information:

  • Do NOT remove my watermark. The signature will not obstruct the Commission (When you buy a traditional artwork like a painting, it contains the artist’s signature, right?)
  • Under “Copyright Law of the United States”, you may NOT utilize and resell my artwork for commercial use without a license (e.g. mugs, shirts, logos). Please contact me in advance if you are interested in doing this
  • If you repost my work, please include links to my social media handles

More information about Payments, Deadlines, Refunds, and Commission Packages are given in my art commissions page. Make sure to read the information before contacting me for a commission!

I look forward to working with you soon!

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